Helman Tensioners

Worldwide leader in fiber tensioners

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Experience the Helman Difference

Helman has distinguished itself with 25 years of developing filament tensioning systems utilizing bi-directional PID servo control with unparalleled accuracy and unlimited take-up.

Today, Helman offers a full product line which includes tensioners, filament winders, resin baths, curing ovens, and testing equipment. In addition, Helman has designed world class manufacturing automation supporting high volume production to include loading and unloading robotics and networked automation.

Complementing the Helman filament winding equipment division is MasterWorks Composite Solutions providing everything from finite element analysis and COPV product design support to complete custom composite manufacturing cell layout. Combining design services with a fully equipped internal development lab allows our engineers to support the complete product life cycle.

Product Line:
Multi-Spindle Filament Winders, Gantry Filament Winders, Base Mount Filament Winders,  Fiber Tensioning Systems, Resin Baths, Composite Curing Ovens, Curing Oven Carts, Mandrel Extractors, Cut-off Saws, Payout Tooling, Test Equipment



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October 27th – 29th

Tensioner Systems

Extremely accurate and reliable tensioning systems for filament winding as well as other applications. Available in many sizes. Read more

Filament Winders

Helman offers a full line of robust filament winders custom engineered to your application. Read more

Composite Curing Ovens

Composite Curing Ovens and part rotating carts tailored for the composite industry. Available in many sizes.  Read more

Winding Tooling

Winding arms to payout tooling - a complete line of filament winder tooling for your system. Read more

Custom Equipment

Custom engineered equipment for any part of the manufacturing process. Mandrel Extractors, Cut-off Saws... Read more

Resin Baths

Innovative solutions for any resin bath application. Proven designs - superior results. Read more